Funding for public athletic facility projects has changed dramatically in the last decade. The days where a municipality could go to a town meeting and seek an override approval for 100%, or float a bond for 100%, of an athletic facilities project are essentially over. The fiscal reality is that municipalities have been forced to consider steep financial cuts to schools and public safety services (police and fire). The “extras,” such as athletic facility enhancements, have, out of necessity, taken a back seat.

Although traditional funding is not readily available, the demand for public athletic and recreation facility enhancements has actually risen. This is due to continued population growth in urban areas, enhanced diversity of sports, and increased gender equity in sports. Municipalities are now compelled to find “out of the box” ways to meet this growing demand, and the solution begins with creative funding. To be successful in raising the funds for an athletic or recreation project, the municipal or non-profit Owner should assemble a fundraising group that considers the following options concurrently:

  • Public and private grants
  • Private funding
  • Sponsorship (naming rights)
  • Public and private partnerships
  • Donor in-kind goods and services
  • Developer off-site mitigation
  • Utility Leases
  • Professional fundraisers

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