Edward J. Stewart, RRC, Senior Associate at Gale, contributed to an article titled: “The Building Envelope: A Guide To Determining Problems” in the November 2014 issue of College Management and Planning magazine. The following is an excerpt. To read the full article, click here.

“The more you know about the building’s history before you begin the investigation, the less intrusive the evaluation will be,” says Edward J. Stewart, RRC, senior associate of Weymouth, MA-based Gale Associates, Inc., which specializes in the repair, renovation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

Stewart recommends having the original design and construction documents, as well as a history of repairs and renovations, which reduces invasive testing and also ensures that future repairs and renovations are made with products the same as or as close to the original as possible to ensure the same performance characteristics.

“Compiling these documents gives you a solid understanding of the as-built construction and tells where there may be potential problems,” Stewart says. “It’s not always possible, though. That’s when it becomes a guessing game as to what the underlying conditions are.”

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