Old Colony Square

Sewer System Upgrades
Cohasset, MA

The owners of Old Colony Square engaged Gale to design an extra 4,000 gallons per day of allowable sewage flow.  Their extremely constrained site could only handle up to 5,500 gallons per day which was restrictive to tenant leasing options.  Gale was able to employ innovative and advanced (I/A) treatment techniques to provide a total allowable sewerage flow of 9,800 gallons per day.

The Project

  • Upgrade of a 20,000 gallon septic tank
  • Re-routing of 200 feet of force main and the installation of 5,000 linear feet of Presby Enviro-Septic pipe
  • Permitting through Conservation and the Board of Health
  • Assisted with bidding and administered construction services to successfully complete the project on time.