Saint John’s High School

Tennis and Basketball Complex
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Gale was engaged by Saint John’s High School to design, permit and provide construction period services for a new state-of-the-art tennis and basketball facility. The tennis facility includes five full-sized tennis courts, a storage building, landscaped flagpole area and seating wall, spectator seating, windscreens, a natural spectator embankment and extensive landscaping. The beveled corner fence design adds a sense of privacy to the facility and the 12’ wide coaches walkway and player seating area splits the double and triple courts for ease of coaching during matches. The site development also included stormwater management through detention chambers and infiltration, ADA accessibility through parking enhancements, walkways, and curb design, and pedestrian flow through sidewalks, stairs, and seating areas.

In addition to the tennis facility, Gale designed a basketball and multi-purpose hard court facility to include four basketball courts, a team handball court and a customized track and physical education event area. The design included significant demolition, pulverization, and reclamation of an existing asphalt base, as well as structural elements to include several retaining walls, curbs, stairs and berms.