Engineering News Record (ENR) recently chose the John and Frances Angelos Law Center at the University of Baltimore as the “Best Overall Project.” Gale provided Building Envelope Commissioning.

“Designed to earn certification as the first LEED Platinum-rated law school in the country, the Angelos Law Center required extensive coordination efforts to achieve its performance goals. The 12-story building’s concrete-frame structure is central to its green strategy. The design also included a system of in-slab radiant heating and cooling. Architects, engineers, and contractors spent more than a year coordinating the in-slab and out-of-slab utilities with the concrete structure to allow for the climate system with thermally active slabs. In order for the system to function, the contractor left the concrete exposed. A two-story mockup helped the team establish quality standards and resolve the appearance of exposed columns, slabs, embedded devices and key interfaces. Energy and daylight modeling helped the team optimize the curtain-wall design in response to site orientation; window sizes, density of frit patterns and configurations of sunshades were based on these studies. Automated sunshades reduce solar heat gain, control glare, and maximize daylight. Natural ventilation and user-notification control systems also decrease energy use.”

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