The use of synthetic turf is extremely popular, not because of the aesthetics or playability, but for the increased field usage synthetic turf can sustain. A properly scheduled natural turf field can be used approximately 200 times per year without significant degradation of quality. Comparatively, a synthetic turf field can sustain at least twice the amount of play without sacrificing quality or increasing maintenance costs. This increased usability can eliminate the need for owners to construct and maintain additional natural turf fields to accommodate the usage demand. Synthetic turf also can be used in almost any weather, and can take the pressure off of facilities managers to decide if a field is too wet for play. Without an NFL-sized budget, natural grass cannot be maintained in playable condition with such intense everyday use. This is especially true now that most states and municipalities restrict the use of irrigation, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on public properties.

Click here for tables that highlight the many choices that must be considered when choosing between the various infill materials available for turf.

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