Scott R. Smith

Chief Financial Officer


Why did you choose this career? I chose to go to school for accounting because I like math and numbers and I knew that there would always be a need for accountants.

What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job is working with upper management to make an impact on the financial performance of the corporation.  I like to be involved with as much as I can and I love to help younger staff members prepare for the next steps in their career by educating them on the relevant aspects of accounting and finance based on their interest and needs.

Who are you outside of Gale? Outside of Gale I am a family man married with four children.  I love to spend as much time with them as possible.  I am very involved with my church as I am a member of the parish finance council and I am an usher on Sundays.  I like to play and watch basketball and workout at the gym.  I also like to get together with family and friends to play yard games and board games.  I love trivia, but I’m terrible at it.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I like to get involved with coaching sports.  I have coached boys and girls baseball/softball/tee ball and girls basketball.  I love to be a mentor for the kids and watch them progress as young athletes.