Ryan D. Thackeray, E.I.T.

Athletic Facilities Planning and Design


Ryan D. ThackerayWhy did you choose this career? I gravitated towards math and science in school and always liked working with my hands, building things, and being outdoors, so civil engineering seemed like the best way to engage my interests and effect change in my surroundings.

What is your favorite part of your job? Getting to see a project go from the first meeting, all through the design, to being in the field to watch the final product implemented is very satisfying.

Who are you outside of Gale? Outside of Gale, I love to play and listen to music or enjoy the outdoors, preferably at the same time. I also watch a lot of soccer and try to catch every Liverpool game I can. Living in Boston, I’m always looking for an excuse to drive somewhere a little more green and climb a mountain.

Fun Fact: What is your dream vacation? A road trip across the country, camping along the way.