Ashley C. Criswell

Administrative Assistant


Ashley C. CriswellWhy did you choose this career? I was looking for a positive change in my life and knew that I wanted to further my education and expand my knowledge, and found that Gale was the perfect place to allow that to happen. I’ve always held an interest in architecture and believe that working at Gale is a great opportunity to learn more about this field and continue my education down the road. There’s so much to learn, it’s exciting! That, and my great grandfather would always tell me that I had the mind of an engineer, so maybe he was onto something!

What is your favorite part of your job? While I love everything about my job, I especially love the people, both in my local firm and everyone I’ve spoken to from different offices out of state. Everyone is so kind and willing to help you, it’s like a great big family! I also love the work itself, as there is always so much to do and so much to learn about, I could never be bored!

Who are you outside of Gale? My favorite hobbies outside of work are longboarding on trails, scrapbooking, singing and writing music, and spending time with my beloved family. I’ll also dive into a good video game every now and then.

Fun Fact: I can longboard and play the flute at the same time!