Converse Hall – University of Vermont

Exterior  Building Enclosure Evaluation
Burlington, VT

Converse Hall (circa 1895) is a six-story dormitory at the University of Vermont (UVM) and is listed on the State Register of Historic Places. The building consists of an exterior veneer of gravity-loaded, non-reinforced marble blocks applied directly to a multi-wythe masonry back-up wall. The predominant roof covering throughout is slate shingles. The anodized aluminum windows are not original to the building.

UVM requested Gale to conduct an evaluation of the condition of the building’s exterior enclosure components with recommendations for repair, restoration and/or replacement.  Gale performed the following services:

  • Visual and destructive testing from aerial lifts, the ground and interior
  • Published an emergency repairs letter prior to the conditions report to address immediate fall hazards including loose and failing stone assemblies (this emergency work was performed by masons while the observation lifts were on site)
  • Provided in-depth evaluation report documenting conditions assessment and noting the cause and origin of observed defects, including deteriorating masonry assemblies especially on high walls, various spalls and structural cracks in stone wall assemblies, aging roof flashings, missing slate and aged window perimeter sealants
  • Analysis included testing of historic mortar and research on historic replacement stone
  • Cost estimates toward a phased restoration project